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Features of your modular home

These are some of the advantages and characteristics of choosing a prefab house.


Cheap houses

Our prefabricated houses are an economical alternative to traditional constructions. This reduced price does not influence the quality of the construction elements or finishes.
The short time of completion, makes the personnel costs are low enough to lower the price of modular homes.
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Construction time

Shorter construction times due to prefabricated supplied components that are produced earlier in production facilities. In the same installations, assembly takes place in a few days, so the weather can not cause delays or damage to the process.
This together with the modular construction system, reduce the time required for the lifting of the structure, which is the main stumbling block of time in traditional constructions.


High technology used in air conditioning, to make the most of the heat, recover and distribute it in the most efficient way without losing a bit to the outside.
Controlled ventilation through filters for dust and pollen, which through the heat exchanger, does not allow energy leaks to the outside.
Reuse of rainwater by means of recovery and filtration systems, as well as a maximum soundproofing of the drains and pipes of the different systems.

Aesthetics and modernity

The design and aesthetics of modern constructions is without a doubt its flag. We can not talk about prefabricated or modular homes without our thinking about design and modernity at home.
This would not be possible without our team of designers, engineers, architects and interior designers, which make possible the conjunction of all these terms.
Enjoy a modern and cozy home with Obryarte.

Turnkey Projects

In Obryarte we want you not to worry about anything from the moment you entrust us with a project.
After the initial meeting and the following for the approval of the design and project, everything will be in our hands. We will build your modular home as we have presented it in the previous design, with no uncomfortable surprises, and all this in a record time.
At the end of this, everything will be ready to enter to live, without further worries, you will not have to negotiate with third parties, since that is what we take care of. It will only have one interlocutor, Obryarte

Comfort and finishes

Professional finishes in windows, using windows of high thermal insulation; Security doors for exteriors and solid wood for interior.
The interiors are designed with the support of interior designers who will bring the touch of design and warmth necessary for your home.
Finally the exteriors are always reinforced with the mission of maximum thermal and acoustic insulation.

Energy saving

Preserving the environment is not the only goal of sustainable housing, energy saving is a top in modern homes. This is accompanied by a drastic reduction of economic costs in lighting and air conditioning.
With this energy saving derived from the construction methods and materials used, you will get an efficient house with low maintenance costs.

High resistance. Reliability.

Our structure building system is based mainly on two structural construction methodologies, one of light structure, based on the metallic frame, made of 100% recyclable steel and the other in the self-supporting wall method, which also provides great insulation to The structure, as well as a great facility for its installation, that when being dry, does not provoke effects in the environment (in case of rural areas)
This and the use of materials of very high quality make it possible to offer an unequaled durability.

Security and Warranty

Our greatest security is to know from beginning to end the construction process and thus to be able to offer you 100 YEARS OF GUARANTEE.